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Fuming.. What are you guys doing!

Tuning in

VIrgin screwed up my contract dates, So i posted about it here and JohnGS from virgin corrected the contract.
and told me i was right and the contract had finshed. So i had to wait a few days for the system to update and i agreed to a new contract online (Via my accounts page)

But i have been sent a bill today for £137.50 (Instead of my normal £75 or the new price of 80 somthing..

So ive been charged £62 for the period of waiting for you system to allow me to upgrade/Sign a new contract.

i have already had to go to cedr twice and win because of virgin do bad things and now your doing shady stuff again.. Can you sort this out.


Hey @antonyr123,

I'm sorry that you feel this way, the likely reason the image was removed to begin with was due to it containing personal information, we do this to ensure your details are kept safe, as you have been in a PM with my colleagues recently, if you do reach back out to them, they will be more than happy to assist you further.


No it didn't contain personal infomation. i also Recorded the Fourm on OBS (Video proof) Because i knew virgin would try and do it and blame me for posting content i should'nt.

Like now. I Signed up for a new contract a Few weeks ago for £89. Now im forced to agree to a £139 contract again for no reason and now adding a £53 rolling credit added to my account.

So if my Credit file Flags up the £2,502 (18 month x £139) (Contractual Arrangement) 
Instead of £1602 i won't be happy.

Because that can affect peoples Credit, Apr.. and even peoples chances of gettings loans ect

Its alittle Suspect why you can't just Correct my contract rather then add rolling credit too it.. ?? 

I used to work in Telecom services (Biggest in the UK). 

I wouldn't go as far as insulting anyone, But this forum staff seems to lack knowledge or understanding of our laws and how things are supposed to work. These are put in place to protect customers and the public. They don't seem to understand that Policy is only suggested behavior/guide. Not a Rule or a Law. 

At the end of the day. I just want the issues fixed. So people like me can just move on with their life. Simple.

Whether it is a complaint or whether it is an accounting issue.

Tuning in

Virgin Sorted my issue. It took longer then needed. But atleast its done now.

Thank you.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi, antonyr123.
Thanks for taking the time to update up about this and happy to know it's been resolved for you in full now, although it's not great that it took a bit longer.
Please, do feel free to pop back here in the future if you're facing issues with your services or account and bills - always eager to help.
Best regards,

Forum Team

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