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Frustration re billing

Long story short - signed up to Virgin, was offered package at £32.99 along with Sky Sports free for 3 months, service installed (no Sky Sports), no one over phone able to do anything re adding on Sky Sports as incompetent sales agent hadn't put any notes on re this offer to me, put a post up here and received PM from a Virgin rep who managed to sort it. Sky Sports up and running and rolling 3 months credit added. Happy days....

Got charged £100 in Jan (my first bill so includes one month in advance) - didn't panic as assumed credit would commence in February. Just got my recent bill in looking to charge me nearly £79 for Feb!!!! £45 for changing the package and that my package is £64 then deduction of credit. Had a look at my recent contract and clearly states monthly charge should be £32.99 and also advises credit is only for 2 months not 3 as I was promised. 

This has been a nightmare from the beginning and I really hope someone can help. I have phoned and after waiting on hold for 45 minutes I managed to speak to someone who was looking into it and subsequently hung up and didn't have the foresight to think about perhaps phoning me back.

Angry frustrated customer. 


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