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Freeze Account? Coronavirus has stopped me moving to new house - not even used broadband yet.

Hi all,

Really stressed out. I lost my job a day after I setup the virgin broadband account, just a few days ago because of Covid-19. Then to make matters worse I am prevented to move in because I am under quarantine too at old address suffering from its symptoms. I haven't even got to use the broadband at new address and unable to move there. A neighbour picked up package for me and set it up saying it works, but now it sits there in an empty house. 

Is it possible that I can freeze payments to this account whilst I'm desperately short of money?

I still want my broadband but will move in 3 months time in July (possibly sooner) and happy to pay the full subscription starting from then. Hopefully will get a job by then too when we beat this virus.  

Are Virgin able to temporarily suspend the broadband and phone account for me during this time?

Unfortunately I've desperately tried to contact their call centres but they are all evacuated because of this nuisance virus. Money is very tight for me right now and I'd rather spend what little I have left on food than a broadband and phone account I am not using at all. 







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