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Forgoten MVM password

Hey there,

I just want to cancel my service since I am no longer in the old place I live, however when I try to

cancel by calling the virgin media support, they ask me to type in certain digit of the MVM password 

which is different with the login website one. I can't remember and I want to ask if there's a way to

reset it

Thanks a lot

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Re: Forgoten MVM password

Hi tony23,

The telephone password (security question) you were asked for is the memorable word that you set up with your account.

If you don't enter anything when the phone service asks for the corresponding digits you can ignore it, then the phone should be picked up by an agent who should be able to ask other security questions, such as date or amount of last payment, sort code or bank details. 

You can also ask them to send you a reminder of your password, which will be sent through the post.



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