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Forced Joining early

Hoping somebody can help phones lines are very blocked at this time.

Basically we had virgin media cable just added to the area and the sales team came round and we decided to join virgin media due to a deal. My contract runs out from talk talk in July so would switch at this date all I needed to do was contact the sale team to tell them when I was ready to switch. I told them I work nights so would just text or email did not want phone calls and all seemed well.

A few days ago I got messages asking if I was ready for installation today to which I replied no, not due while July. I contacted the sales member and he told me to ignore the messages as it was an automated message and nothing would happen while July. Yesterday I started receiving phone calls about switching from first the call center I told them July... they would then no longer speak to me due to not having the account details. how do I have an account if I have no details for it?

Later that day I got a message from an installer asking If I was ready for the install today.. told him same thing was not due to July so he rang me we had a conversation and finally got to understand installation was not due.

Last night I was sent a message by the sales guy who told me to ignore the message If I was ready for the install today? which I have replied no why are you asking if I am switching in July to no response.

Might be lack of sleep due to been woke up all yesterday but getting very frustrated by this now and just want it sorted. Either sort the date out properly or just cancel the full lot at this point which might be better.



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