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For a communications company, Virgin Media are impossible to communicate with....

Joining in

So I've been a VM customer on and off for many years, mainly as the broadband is the quickest in the area by far.

I also have a V6 box which I was offered the 360 upgrade for via the customer portal.  The deals was pretty good, so I signed up online and received a VM Pre Contract Information Sheet with a CIS number for my order.

Two weeks later, no other comms or any sight of the upgrade so I went to the online help.  There was nowhere that could assist me with my specific issue, so I called.

30m later the call was answered (when I eventually found a vaguely appropriate key press that let me speak to a human), and I was put on hold as there was no record of the CIS and they had to look more in depth.  I was put on hold again. And it was answered by another person and I had to start again. From scratch.  This happened ***5 TIMES***.

Any one of these 5 people may been on the case for me, but I had no idea.  I got cut of and received a call back pretty much instantly too to be fair.  The sixth person finaly told me as they had no record of the order, he'd raise it  again - not happy, but fair enough.  I'd receive a new remote through the post and the box would offer the upgrade when ready.  

I received the remote.

It's a replacement V6 remote.

I called up customer services again and after 30m it was answered.

The person on the other end could not hear me.  A communications company, VM, could not provide the services for their own customer services team, even if abroad to hear me.

The call then went quiet, I though, oh well I'm on hold. 

After 15m I gave up and hung up.


I want to give VM extra money, but the make it difficult to speak to people, my issues was not covered by online help.

You'd think they'd be able to let their own staff hear phone calls on their own syste,

I've spent around 5 hours on this, have raised a unacknowledged complaint and still have no idea if I am going to get the services I ordered a month ago.

And I'm lumbered with a contract I can't get out of because they renew it for 18mth everytime you make a simple change.

I'm close to giving up, turning everything off and just moving regardless of having to continue to pay the bill.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @andrewrozz 

You mention that you applied for the regrade a few weeks/month ago via the online portal. It should be easy enough for any agent to process a switch to the 360 box.   The good news is that you received a replacement V6 remote instead of the expected 360 remote so there is hope that whoever despatched that actually managed to place an order on the system  to switch you to the 360 but they came up against an obstacle that faces telephone or whatsapp/chat messenger agents. They don't have access to the same deals as those offered by the online portal.  The agents may have placed you on hold whilst trying to get  help from another agent or to see who you should be transferred to.

Sorry to say this may be even more complicated than usual, the reason being is that VM changed their packages/bundles on 1st September, so prices may well differ to what the portal offered at the time you placed that order, along with whats available in the corresponding bundles/packages.

For example the Ultimate Volt bundle has been discontinued and replaced by the Mega Volt bundle. This now comes with M500 broadband unless the customer is prepared to pay an additional £6 per month for Gig1 broadband and no longer supplies an additional set top box for free. Also TNT Sports has now been removed from all bundles for new and regrading customers. It's now a standalone add on which normally costs an extra £18 per month. 

Unfortunately the forum team don't have access to regrades. Your best bet would be to either speak to sales on 0800 064 3840 or retentions (thinking of leaving) by calling 150 from a VM landline or mobile, options 1,4 and 4. Best to call around 8am when lines first open and are least busy.

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