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Fixed Contract keeps Increasing : Furious with Virgin Media Sharp Practice

Joining in

We've been with Virgin Media for 9 years. We keep agreeing fixed contracts and are in a "fixed contract" until January 2024. But - in April we were subjected to the arbitrary contract terms change and price increase which was WAY more than cost of living - from £96.50 up to £118 (23%!)  It was IMPOSSIBLE to contact VIRGIN MEDIA in the 8 hours I spent back in April trying to use the online chat bot, so the background to this situation isn't good. Yesterday I opened the monthly email about the bill, and it showed my bill has just jumped to £158 per month apparently because we changed the package, which is nonsense. I missed the chance to waste more of my life with the chatbot, but did express as much  fury as possible on whatever web interface I could find, and funnily enough now note we have a £40 credit, bringing the bill back to the rip-off £118.  No explanation. No apology. No ability to communicate with Virgin Media. You seem to just make it up as you go along and hope to get away with it. You are by far the hardest utilities company to contact and I have zero trust in you as a company. I still seem to have failed to have jumped through all the necessary hoops to get a referral credit from the days before I lost all faith in you.  Don't expect me to renew.


Alessandro Volta

Are you on a fixed price contract or a fixed discount? Fixed discount from VM is far more common than fixed price. You've done well if you have agreed a fixed price minimum term each time across a 9 year period.

If VM has not honoured your fixed price deal then you could make a formal complaint to VM first of all (probably a pointless exercise but a required first step) before escalating to arbitration

Inflation busting RPI+3.9% rises are the norm for VM now and no opt-outs of EDF due to annual price rises.

If your renewal is in Jan 2024 that is a good time to consider your options!

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey MunichTyke,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your contract at the moment. I have looked into this and can see that the team have corrected this and your package price is now back to the price of £118 for the rest of your contract. One of your discounts have been removed in error when changes were made to your package but this has now been corrected by the team. Would you like to raise a complaint about this experience? 

Kind Regards,