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First monthly bill.

hi I have just had my first bill in, firstly I signed up on the 24th March. Will I billed for a full month of March as I have been told my expected balance is two months by the end of April of this because its a month in advance.

I joined with a £26 a month packed but it says £27.74 on the package bill summary. Why is this if it was £26 a month I have paperless billing so I know its not that? Will this be the price every month as they should have stated that when I signed up.


Any Advice much appreciated  

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: First monthly bill.

Hi r_chambers95

Many thanks for getting in touch about the first bill and thanks too for taking the time to join us on the community Smiley Happy

The first bills you have with us are always a pro rata bill and generally bill for the 1st two months of services with us. As we bill a month in advance for services this is a standard process for first bills.

Thebill you have had with us is different because a change has been made at your request recently.

This could be due to:

  • A cycle change. This is where if you require us to change a Direct Debit date, if you have one with us, then the bill date you have with us has to change too. The bill date is what sets the DD due date.  To find out if you have done this recently you can check your statement dates with us. We normally produce bills once every 30 days for our customers unless a cycle change has been requested.
  • You may have charges for phone calls on the current bill or Pay Per View.
  • You may have activation or one off charges on the bill.

To confirm exactly what the change is that has affected your billing with us, then if you could get in touch with the teams via 150 or 0345 454 1111 or via Webchat  where our teams can clear security with you and work to resolve any issues you have with this support option.

Via the Webchat link if you choose an option on the left you will then be able to select the 'Chat To Us' option when you tab over to the right of the page.

Thanks again Smiley Very Happy

Forum Team

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