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Existing customers & New Customer Deals inc Black Friday-why can't VM look after their existing customers

Good morning.
Have been a VM customer for over 28 years now.
I was out of contract at the start of this month so called up rententions to see if there was anything that can be done on the price to stay another 12/18 months.
This has been a process I have been told to do by VM agents after my contract ends every 12/18 months

2 agents i spoke to couldn't offer anything and were happy to put my 30 days notice through without any form of 'saving the customer'.

I thought i would try one more time as the black friday deals were on and stated i would be happy to stay if that deal could be matched or if not matched then something a little lower than i was currently paying.
This time the agent i spoke to, took some time to see what could be done but i was advised that no matter what she did she couldn't lower the price because I had a lifetime discount on the account (something new to me).

This discount couldn't be removed or edited, however was still £15 more a month than the Black Friday deal advertised and £2 more a month before the black friday deal on the VM website.

Virgin can this be? Loyalty counts for nothing?
If i am out of contract then how can a lifetime discount of £2.50 stay stuck on an account? Wasn't told about a life discount at any point during the years, I was only told to call to discuss options at the end of each contract term.

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