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Essential Broadband Plus Renewal Problem.

Tuning in

Applied successfully for the 'Essential Broadband Plus' package and contract began January 2023 which was a mish mash of mistakes and incorrectly charged at £28 per month instead of £20. Forum staff applied a rolling discount after my attempts trying to resolve this via the usual routes but couldn't change the contract. Last month my bill suddenly increased to £28, no emails to say why so tried to get to the bottom of it, no joy so complaint procedure started. Got a phone call last week and the lady says that VM confirm eligibility to UC every 12 months which obviously doesn't apply to me until January 2024. Long story short, she talked me through the Live Chat to confirm my UC but once I'd signed in, the LC conversation ended with "This conversation is now authenticated". She told me to wait to see if a live agent would respond but after some time she promised to ring me back Monday afternoon (25th September), credited me £8 for last month and I spent the next 2 hours waiting for LC. Checked my bill for the coming month, £8 goodwill credited but still charged £28 so rolling discount still not applied. I've received no phone call so again tried to sort it via LC, completed the details requested and still waiting for a live agent to respond. This is one muck up after another and wasting time trying to resolve this is getting me nowhere. I believe I have the right to take it to the Ombudsman and wonder if anyone could give me the details to contact them.


Tuning in

Just spent 2½ hours waiting for a reply on the Live Chat. Whilst I realise there are many people also trying to get through, 2½ hours is beyond ridiculous.

Hi M0therNature, 

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums.

We're sorry to hear you've had issues with signing up to the Essential Broadband and are now facing further issues with your billing. 

We're also sorry you're having difficulty getting through to the team. They are working as hard as they can to reach you. Replies aren't instant and can take a few hours but someone will be with you as soon as possible. 

Once through, the team will take all your details and confirm eligibility and then the correct pricing structure should be in place for you. 

If you have any further issues, pop back and let us know so we can help further. 


Forum Team

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