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Essential Broadband Plus - Not able to get signed up to it.

Tuning in

So, tonight I tried 4 or 5 times to use the Live chat bot to move over to Essential Broadband Plus, and every time it would ask the questions, then crash or give up at the point of asking me to sign into my account, just never going any further.

Fed up that I used Whatsapp to talk to someone who has just ignored what I told them about wanting  to change service over, and have just sent me an email that takes me though to the same live chat bot.

Has anyone managed to the the bot to work? I tried both Firefox and Edge and both have the same problem.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi CarolB333 👋

Thanks for posting, and sorry to hear you've had some difficulty in speaking to us about the essential broadband package.

If you go here you should be able to initiate the live chat to discuss this.

Let us know how you get on.


That link just takes me to where I've been before. I thought I'd explained in my first post that I can't get anywhere using the bot as it won't go any further once I've answered the questions and it asks me to sign in. Its just not recognizing that I'm signed in.

Screenshot 2023-04-13 110707.png


I spoke with live chat last night and after a long drawn out conversation they simply sent me an email with a link to the bot.




I am sorry you've found difficulty with this CarolB333,

If you can please follow the chat process, if you chose the option 'no' to each question, you would then be put through to an agent. 


I managed, after a lot of hassle, being passed through different agents who didn't understand the problem, to get though to cable care who, like everyone else, couldn't help as they said the only way to get onto Essential Broadband is to go though the bot.

So it looks like I need to cancel and change provider as the bot just doesn't work for me.

Hi @CarolB333,

I do apologise. Can you confirm what device you're using along with the browser that you're using too?


Zach - Forum Team
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Hi Carol. Did you get a resolution for this in the end or did you just cancel? It doesn't recognise or process when I put in my details and Virgin Media have no clue, no department, no one who can process the Essentials Broadband Plus deal over the phone or anything. It's ridiculous