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Equipment return

I'm trying to return my equipment for more than a month already (from ~March 10).

I've tried multiple different ways:

  1. Ordered return kit via web form
  2. On the first "we haven't got our kit" SMS I selected please collect it from my address, but obviously nobody came.
  3. I've requested if through the form again.
  4. I've contacted support through the chat on April 15 and support agent promised that "this time it will definitely arrive".
  5. Today I received again annoying message "We haven't got our kit back" and frankly I'm already fed up.

Is there a way to get that return kit or I am ready to drive up to 50 miles from London to just get this kit back?

If we have support agents here please escalate this request.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Equipment return

Hi there @mlogvinenko 


I am so sorry to see you are struggling to return your equipment and thank you so much for posting to our forums! 


I have emailed the area field manager who is responsible for your area to request someone to come round and pick this up. I will keep you updated as to what they advise! 


Thank you.

Forum Team

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