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Equipment return charge

Joining in

Can anyone help? 

I left VM on 30th December 22. It was arranged that an engineer would pick my kit up on 13th January 23. I received a reminder tx that day then a few hours later, received a tx stating that no one was available in my area. I had rescheduled my day to be available to hand the equipment over to be met with a no show. 

I then rescheduled pick up for 17th Feb (earliest date available) 

I then last week  received a tx then an email staring that I haven't returned my equipment and would be charged £40 if it wasn't back in 9 days. I contacted VM via WhatsApp and then phoned VM collections dept. I was assured that I would not be billed the £40 (I'm owed £72 as a payment was taken after my contract ended). 

I was offered packaging to be sent out and return the equipment that way. In still waiting in this to arrive. 

Yesterday, I received an email staying that I WILL be billed £40 as the equipment hadn't been returned, despite being assured by collections dept and apparently a note being placed in my account that this wouldn't happen. 

I have a chronic illness and I really don't have the energy to chase Virgin media for something so basic. I'm owed £72 and was told by collections that it takes 45 days for a refund (12 days left) I will be contacting my bank if that's not the case. 

A ridiculous situation and a justification that I made the correct decision to leave Virgin media. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Brae44,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with non return of equipment charges, if you have booked a collection day in, please ignore the message, this is sent automatically to all customers, who have outstanding equipment, if you have a collection date booked in or not, I apologise if this has caused any issues but  you won't be charged at all as the delay is on our end.