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Email renew your contract offer - nothing updated

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Morning I received an email invite to renew my contract on 21st Oct same package for just a little more each month.

My current contract finishes on the 09 November 2023.

Clicked on the link all looked ok so decided to go ahead and re-commit to another 18months contract.

I received an order summery confirmation dated the 21st Oct with a estimated activation date of the 24th Oct

My Order ref was : CH2052546566

Nothing has happened, I tried the Live chat explained about the new contract offer, the person on chat had no idea what i was talking about and tried to sell me the same package for twice as much, erm no thank you.

I tried the next day, this time the person advised it would take between 7-10 days before it was implemented as this was done by the back office.

Left it the 10 days, guess what nothing changed.

Contacted them again this time I was told "what I had been told previously was wrong" It is not 7-10 days or even the upto 14 days it states in the original email. but the changes will take place after my initial contract finishes! Now I am beginning to think that if I go with the last chat virgin person and i let my contract run to its conclusion I will be paying full price out of contract prices.

I have also received another email renew offer same package just a little more. so i have accepted again this time order ref: CH2053757462.

How can something so easy as it was re-contracting with say Sky, become so difficult with Virgin?

I am now going to post this and hope someone will pick it up and look into it for me. or just cancel and save a load of money every month


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi RLB123,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

Sorry to hear you've not had the new package applied yet, so I can take a closer look at this for you I've popped you over a private message.


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Contacted Virgin again via messaging, Agent informed me the offer was no longer available to me, but guess what he can do me a new 18 month contract for twice the price. happy days. 

Update: past on all the contract offer details to Alex_RM of the forum team who is going to look into this for me.

Thank you Alex fingers crossed.

Thanks for keeping us updated @RLB123 

Alex_RM will be able to assist further with this for you. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Also forgot to mention the agent kindly cut off my home phone line. phone went dead after call came within a whisker of buying a new one, checked the hub, it was saying disconnected ! I do not know why Virgin shoot themselves in the foot all the time, saying that, following another call,  an engineer came out within 45 minutes, contacted Virgin and a Hub update sorted it out, Top marks for the engineer.

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Hi Alex_Rm do we have any update on this?,  only they have sent me the "not to late to renew" message again. Contract all looks ok and renew option generates an order number again, feels a little like a merry go round at the moment.