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Email STILL NOT WORKING AFTER 4 WEEKS - And someone keeps removing my posts!!!Email STILL NOT WORKING AFT

On our wavelength

I refer to my previous posts below. One left almost 3 weeks ago and one left 2 weeks ago, although I had been experiencing issues prior to that but just bungled them up with all the other issues Virgin Media were experiencing at the time!


I was repeatedly, via here and on the phone, referred to a thread which stated Virgin Media were aware of the issues and were working hard to resolve them.


I have revisited the thread this morning, which says the issue was resolved on Thursday last week. However, I am STILL experiencing the same issue. Not only do I expect a full refund of this months direct debit; I want an explanation as to why I’ve been unable to use my emails for so long and a resolution forthwith. I have now made comprehensive notes, in date and time order, of all the times I have contacted Virgin, including the pointless calls where I have spoken to overseas, and will be passing them on to my solicitor for a larger settlement should this not be resolved in the next 24 hours! Diabolical service, where you just cannot get to speak to someone who seems to know what they are doing!


Unable to delete or move emails - 1st post


All of a sudden I am unable to delete or move my emails to sub folders. All the buttons across the top of my emails, with the exception of 'compose' are greyed out and cannot be used.

Please can someone help?


Emails STILL not working correctly and NO HELP from VVirgin Media - 2nd post


Is anyone still experiencing issues with their emails. I have an old NTL email address and for 3 weeks now, I have been unable to compose, reply, forward or delete emails. I have spoken to overseas 3 times now and they cannot assist. I have now started 3 threads on here, but still no one seems able to assist! I can't believe a company, who is still taking my direct debit, can leave me unable to use my services adequately. I will be escalating my complaint, cancelling my account and asking for a refund if this is not sorted soon!


On our wavelength

All of a sudden I am unable to delete or move my emails to sub folders. All the buttons across the top of my emails, with the exception of 'compose' are greyed out and cannot be used.

Please can someone help?

I know it doesn't resolve your issue but I have been having lots of problems with my email for the past 3 or 4 days. Every time I log in I have different issues either with missing folders or being unable to delete or move emails to folders.  I also have 2 email accounts which were previously linked but now I have to sign in to each account to get my emails. I think there are major problems at the moment at Virgin Media with their email system. If mine don't sort themselves out by tomorrow I'm going to try and speak to someone.

Thanks for your reply. At least I'm not the only one suffering. If my problems persist, I may have to cancel my account as it's so frustrating. I'm not long into a new contract but will cancel on the basis of them not providing an acceptable service. See what happens ...

Still cannot use any of my email functions. Can someone from Virgin Media assist please?

Still no update ... It's now Thursday. Hope I'm going to get compensated

Thanks for coming back to us sooby1969, are you able to access mails on any devices or different browsers?

Have you tried to clear the cache of your current browser and logged in again?

Please can you give that a try and let me know how it goes?

Kind Regards,



I have tried different browsers and cleared my cache, but it is still the same. I can only use these buttons on my Iphone email app but I want to use my laptop.

I have now spoken to your overseas call centres 3 times without success. Every time I ring again, I get transferred abroad but I want to speak to someone in England.

My emails are working fine with the exception of my not being able to forward, reply or delete emails using my laptop application. Surely it doesn't take over a week and numerous calls to assist me.

I need my email and will cancel this weekend if not resolved.



Thanks for coming back to us sooby1969, I'm sorry to hear of your ongoing issues with your email accounts. All of our faults agents have the same training and should be able to help with your issues, if they're in the UK sites or one of partner sites. What have the team advised about your email issues, when you have spoken to them?

Kind Regards,


They have said I need to update my browsers, which I've done. Then they've just said it all looks ok their end. I think one said they'd log a call, but sometimes I have trouble understanding them if I'm honest.