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Early disconnection fee - missold contract renewal

I'm really stuck.

Last May I downgraded my package to reduce the monthly cost. A few days later I had some quite persistant calls from a mobile number and eventually I answered it. It was from a VM sales agent. He offered a better package for a lower monthly cost.

I declined the offer because I was in the process of moving house. My house was on the market but I hadn't yet had an accepted offer an any new property and I didn't know if VM would be available in the new property.

He put my mind at rest by telling me that no early disconnection fee would be charged if VM didn't serve the area I moved to.

Fast forward to now. I'm moving. And there's no VM in the area. Now I'm told that I'll be charged the fee. It's all in the contract and I have no proof that the agent said what he said. And because he called me from his mobile [MOD EDIT: PERSONAL INFORMATION REMOVED] there's no recording of it.

I'm totally stuck. I've clearly been taken for a ride and I'm in shock that VM used this tactic on me. I should have checked the contract. I should have got the assurance in writing. But I am where I am - what can I do?

On top of that I've been trying to plead with VM but after being transferred to customer care and waiting for 45 mins the line rang and then disconnected!



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Re: Early disconnection fee - missold contract renewal

Thanks for the post Airwot4.


When you accept a package deal you would be emailed with the details including the minimum contractual period, you would then have 14 days to contact to change this if needed.


We're not able to put through disconnections over the forum but you can do so with the team on 150/0345 454 1111 options 1, 4 then 4.


Thanks, Emily.

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