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Early Termination Fee

Joining in

I'm moving outside the Virgin Media network, and have been trying to send proof of my new address to waive/refund the early termination fee. The guidance says the file has to be jpeg or pdf and under 20mb. I have tried sending various files, in jpeg and pdf format, all under 20mb, but they keep being rejected with a message saying the file cannot be opened.
I’ve tried email the files many times, I’ve tried webchat many times, and I’ve raised a previous complaint. The emails get rejected, the complaint said to use webchat, and webchat says to email. I'm now stuck in a cycle of each team telling contact the other team.

I have copy/pasted the latest webchat below, you can see how it goes round in circles, and lasted over two hours!
Jeremy at 15:46, Dec 9:
I explained the issue, as above
Ray Jay at 16:29, Dec 9:
Hi Jeremy, thanks so much for waiting, I'm just taking a look at your account, I'll be back with you ASAP.😊
Ray Jay at 16:34, Dec 9:
As I can see here that you have a complaint and you want to have your refund is that correct?
Jeremy at 16:34, Dec 9:
Please can you look at the images, check that they have my new address and my name, and approve the refund
Ray Jay at 16:44, Dec 9:
Thank you so much for bringing up to my attention, I would like to clarify that you move to the address that is not covered of virgin media however you charge for the early disconnection fee is that correct?
Jeremy at 16:45, Dec 9:
the instructions said to prove that my new address is outside of the virgin media area, that's what the attachments are for
Ray Jay at 16:46, Dec 9:
Please stay connected let conduct investigation here in your account okay?
Jeremy at 16:46, Dec 9:
Ray Jay at 17:07, Dec 9:
May I know if you received an email comining from our back office asking those document to waive your early disconnection fee?
Jeremy at 17:08, Dec 9:
yes, and I have emailed them to them but they keep being rejected
Ray Jay at 17:10, Dec 9:
Did you try to send the proof to
Jeremy at 17:10, Dec 9:
Yes but they keep replying to say they cannot open the files
The response to the complaint said to send them via this web chat
You need to open the jpeg files I've attached to this chat, check they contain my name and new address, and approve the refund of the early termination fee
Ray Jay at 17:18, Dec 9:
As per checking here that the early disconnected will be due on 8/01/24. May I know if you have any other proof of address or document that need to submit in able to waive your early disconnection fee?
Jeremy at 17:19, Dec 9:
the jpeg files should be sufficient
Ray Jay at 17:21, Dec 9:
That document you need to submit in our back office not here because they will assist you regarding our request, please send that to
Jeremy at 17:21, Dec 9:
The response to the complaint said you can accept it on the web chat
I have tried many times to send it to they say they cannot open it
Ray Jay at 17:23, Dec 9:
Apologies but the only we can process here transfer services or disconnect but regarding to waived we cannot assist you regarding wiht that because we have only limited access so that I can suggest you to email the to waived the disconnection fee
Jeremy at 17:24, Dec 9:
Are you able to escalate this to a manager
Ray Jay at 17:37, Dec 9:
You will have the same response because we have only limited access.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @j-newman 

The actual email address you should be using is

or you can send paper copies to Virgin Media, Sunderland SR43 4AA

The accepted documents showing your new address are :-

bank statement, driving licence, insurance policy, mortgage information, rental agreement or utility bill

I don't work for Virgin Media.
I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge.
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Thanks Dave.

Yes, I've emailed a jpeg of my home insurance policy to that email address numerous times, but it gets rejected. Even though the person on the chat could open it.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi j-newman

Thank you for your post, welcome to the Community Forums.

I'm sorry to see you're having a hard time trying to send over your proof of address change to us.

I'm afraid that we are unable to assist with movers queries and this isn't something we know much about from here. I would advise to try calling our Movers Team on 0345 454 1111 to see if there is another way around this.

Have you tried sending an email with only text first explaining the issue, to see if you then get a response from an adviser?