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Early Disconnection Charge after account switch

We have recently switched the account owner of our virgin media account, from my housemates name to my own. We had to do this over email, as none of the call centres were open.

We then received an email saying account had been transferred, and that there would be a £20 charge, fair enough.

I've now logged on to my new virgin media account, to find that they have signed me up to a new £50 a month contract, up from £30 we were paying.

During this time I have cancelled, and now the final bill and fees are £250!

This is because, without my knowledge, Virgin have signed me up to a new £50 a month contract for 12 months, not carried out a simple change of name of the account, and so I get the early disconnection fees due to me being in this new 12 month contract.

I have spoken to them on the phone and they were absolutely no help. I was not informed that the changing of the account name would result in a brand new 12 month contract, without the promotions before. If anyone knew about this, what would the point of changing the account name be?

I need some advice on where to go to next, I was advised previously on the forum not to cancel the charges directly with my bank as it may result in bad debt, but we cannot afford £250. I feel like this is an extremely shady practice, and so is there a utility regulator or ombudsman I could contact? Or any other way to contact Virgin Media more directly than through a call centre?


Many thanks,

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