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EXECUTIVE TEAM BREAKING GDPR & Ignoring Actual Complaint Details

Up to speed

Well i cannot fathom the levels of incompetence within Virgin Media...

I am one of the people who got the infamous 'Stay with us for another 18 months and we'll give you 25% off your EXISTING costs' email.... 2 full days (adding up the hours) talking to chat 'support', then on the phone to disconnections, and various other departments, no resolution, despite supposed complaint cases being raised.

I decide to email the CEO and Head of Complaints and back comes an email TO MY PARTNERS EMAIL ADDRESS which is NOT part of any correspondence to them... it's not even one of the family email addresses on my account either!  HOW did they even get it I wonder?  It's a Gmail account too!  Firstly I thought it was spurious coincidental SPAM - but no it's a real reply to MY complaint from MY email address but sent to THEIRS!! 

I get sent a copy by my partner so I reply asking how they got the email address in the first place, and to make all replies to ME the ACCOUNT HOLDER - this is ignored.

Today my partner gets a 'resolution' email to THEIR email address again, with a ridiculous 'resolution' - to look in the help pages at billing advice!! 

Not only has Executive Team broken GDPR by sending a resolution (with links straight to the case details I might add) to an email not attached to my account, but they have COMPLETELY IGNORED the actual complaint and requests to use the correct email address.  It is VERY simple... if you send an offer you have to honour it!  That is the ONLY resolution I will accept.  If you don't honour it then it falls withing the ASAs remit of FALSE ADVERTISING.

Can someone from the Executive Team sort this out NOW....


Community elder

You'll, potentially, have to wait several days for a reply on here, so FYI the 'NOW...' requirement isn't going to happen.

Yea - it was a subjective 'Now' - nothing happens quick with Virgin no matter how you contact them!  This email to the wrong person took 2 days.

While waiting for a VM forum team reply ...

You can share your hopeless complaint experience with OFCOM.

They launched an investigation into VM on 13 July 2023 specifically into VM's cancellation and complaints processes.

Case ref. no. and an email at the bottom of the above page or submit with same info via the contact form

Submitting information won't help your individual complaint but it will contribute to the OFCOM investigation and it sounds like your experience is directly relevant to the terms of reference of the investigation.

Will do - I have just emailed Lutz Schueler and Daniel Potts again about the latest episode...

Hi adamelphick, 

Thank you for posting. I am very sorry to hear that we contacted your partner in response to your complaint. I can appreciate your concern with how this has occured.

I've sent you a private message so I can take your account details and look into this further with you. 

Thank you


Up to speed

Wow.... I received the 25% discount email AGAIN TODAY!  You can't make this up honestly. 🙄

Hi Beth,

No i did not include my parters email address on my email to your CEO - that was the reply AFTER they had already sent to them!  My first email to your CEO was on Tue 25/07/2023 at 10:25, and was sent only to your CEO and Michelle Beville (whos Out Of Office told me to contact Daniel Potts instead which I did by FW the email).  At no point did I include my parters email unti AFTER Executive Team had emailed them by mistake somehow....  I have my orginal emails.

I wil try the link again on the email(s) from Virgin.

Tried the link on both the orginal email from 16th and the one sent only yesterday....  both error:


This is absolutely ridiculous.