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Dreadful renewal experience

Tuning in

Morning all, I was coming to the end of my contract at the end of August 23 and like a well organised customer (not like VM) I was pro active in sorting out my next deal. Omg I wish I never had! What a dreadful experience it's been, so far to say I've asked for a Deadlock letter for the communications ombudsman.

How could one contract running on from another go so wrong? Easy answer, no humans who understand billing, Tobi the bot and what's app. All this has led me to seriously reconsider my choices and a once very happy customer to tell people not to touch VM broadband if they were the last BB firm on the planet. Truly woeful service and not a care in the world about the customer despite what the broken English, scripted, sickly and patronising WhatsApp messages say. Care to prove me wrong customer services? 


Dialled in

Join the club. I am trying to ensure my cancellation has gone through OK, and would like a confirmation. I might has well asked for the next winning lottery ticket. I also started off by attempting to negotiate a renewal deal, but all I have actually received  so far is two increases with a reduction in services, saying thank you for changing your package. I have kept my online chat, the date and time of the cancellation call, and a copy of my recorded and signed for delivery letter of cancellation. VM seem to have a death wish, well if they carry on like this, they will plummet, we all have family and friends, which they seem to forget, or do not care. In honesty, the two people I have actually spoken to were polite and pleasant, just took hours to get through, and just got nowhere. I think it is the AI of the system that is screwed up badly and is going to ruin them, including the chat robot. I was with them since they took over form NTL, and did not intend to leave, but now I cannot wait, the new kit arrives this week, though from the emails so far, and the feedback on this forum, I am expecting problems, but both my wife and I are in our 80's, and luckily have a family on standby if they try to deny we cancelled properly and try to overcharge..

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi robbiedonkey,

Thanks for posting, and sorry to hear of the experience you've had. So I can get a few more details from you I've popped you over a private message.


While your there RM I am having big issues with your company the last call I was on they just power cut me! if someone doesn't get there house in order you people aren't going to have me jobs in th near future the Virgin media brand unfortunately is now toxic