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Downgrade virgin media package


I tried to downgrade my package since I am out of contract and there are many offers on at the moment. 

I was offered £1 off my current price, even after dropping the Internet speed and TV package size.

I was told that if I leave then I can't rejoin until 3 months after I had left - so I can't just take out a new package that way! 

I am paying far too much and can't afford to keep those costs up. I want to ideally stay with virgin but when they don't want to help existing customers then I don't see how I can. I was offered 50 pounds off the next bill but then the month after the price shoots back up again anyway!

Is there a way that I can completely change my package and lower the cost without just shaving off a few pennies? It is incredibly unfair to loyal customers the way they are treated when they want to stay and downgrade! 


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Re: Downgrade virgin media package

you have made the first move by ringing and asking - you have got the usual response - they dont seem to do much these days unless they think you are serious about moving

so the next move is give 30 days notice and wait for them to get back to you - its not guaranteed that they will so have a plan B in place with another isp

if they do ring its usually a one off one time offer so take it or leave - that said other users have reported that they have had multiple calls after giving 30 days notice

but to change your package you need to talk to retentions - see what they say - if they make a good offer fine if not then think about the 30 day gamble

dial 150 or 0345 454 1111 and follow the prompts to - 'thinking of leaving us' - then "technical issues" - dont worry about that they do much more - open 8am -10pm 7 days a week - should take you to a UK call centre


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