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Double charging on exit

Joining in

When my 18 month deal was coming to an end I decided to leave VM. The deal was expiring 7th September.

I called to cancel on 18th August and was told one month's notice, so cancellation will be effective 17th September with a final bill of £15.31. OK so far.

12th September I was billed £51 "Your September bill".  I have been unable to speak to anyone about this on any phone number just "We are sorry, our service times ..." and a useless text about DD that solves nothing, no chat, no email, so on 15th September I raised a formal complaint. No response. So it looks like Complaints is ineffective.

The service disconnected on 17th September (at 1am) as it should.

I now have a bill for £15.31, date 18th September. Like the previous bill this is also stated to be "Your September bill", but it lists the previous "September bill" of £51 as "outstanding". It also says I made changes to my service on 17th September. No I didn't, I made changes on 18th August, effective on 17th September.

This is blatant double charging. I suspect the only way to prevent unlawful charge of £51 is by cancelling the DD.


Alessandro Volta

The way VM presents its final billing is very confusing IMO. VM bills you as normal right up until disconnection day.

A few days after your disconnection you should get a final bill. This final bill shows the final balance on the account and may replace the last normal bill issued on the usual billing cycle. Is the 'Amount due' on that final bill what you were expecting at £15.31?

I do now have an email from their Complaints team saying that I will not have to pay the £51, which is a big step forward. I replied and asked them for a Credit Note but I suspect they will not get the email. They confirm that the £15.31 is payable, which I agree with.

As the reaction from the Complaints team came 2 hours after my post, it does seem that this forum provides an effective channel of communication.

Hi @Jones64,

Thank you for your posts and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm so sorry to hear that there's been some confusion and concern regarding your final bill. It sounds like from your last post in this thread that this has now been addressed and resolved for you, but please do let us know if there's anything more that we can help you with at all.


Zach - Forum Team
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Joining in

In the event there was no attempt to double charge by Virgin - so a good outcome.

Lodging a Compliant through their system plus and action from their Complaints team following this OP was effective. Everything the Complaints team said was indeed accurate. The billing remained wrong throughout, and Final bill sent by post wrongly showed £51 owing, that was never charged, just as the Complaints team said it would not be.

So, it was resolved OK, but it shouldn't have happened.

We are so sorry again for the confusion regarding the bill but we are glad that this has now been resolved. 

Please do pop back to the forums should you need any further assistance and we will do all we can to help.