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Does the cancellation team actually exist?

Tuning in

I'm trying to cancel my contract; the cost of living and other personal life changes mean my existing  package is too costly and I need to cut expenditure.

I've phoned Virgin already but the agent I spoke to came back with a best price of a tenner more than my post-discount existing package with no changes. That's obviously a non-starter.

He then transferred me to the cancellation team where I've now been on hold for almost 2 hours without speaking to someone and without warning the call has just terminated. 

I now need to get ready for work. Of course I'll need to phone back later, go through the same process again with the front-line and then spend an inordinate amount of time on hold again... 

Live chat doesn't work, there's too many messages for Virgin to seemingly be able to handle via the chatbot.


Alessandro Volta

The postal cancellation option should work to the address on this page (typical of VM's cavalier and disrespectful attitude to customers, they don't provide any confirmation or response, so use recorded delivery and be clear on the end date of services). 

Refusal to promptly and efficiently action a request to terminate a contract is a breach of Ofcom rules, whose public wording (within their Fairness Commitments) is "Customers can sign up to, change and leave their services quickly and smoothly. Providers ensure that customers who are leaving do not face additional barriers or hassle compared to those who are signing up to new services;"  Obviously VM have been waving two fingers at this commitment (and others) for a long while now, whilst Ofcom have been sitting on their hands for far too long, you can add your voice by complaining to Ofcom here.