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Disgracful customer service

Having been just informed of my £4 monthly price increase, I ring to either negotiate an improved contract renewal or cancel my account (I am not in contract).

After waiting 20 minutes for my call to be answered, I explain my displeasure of the frequency and amount of these price increases to the agent (I'm not even on fancy packages and my monthly bill is over £80 per month). Anyway, he's not interested. 

The agent goes away to speak to someone then returns to happily advise he could put the price increase on pause for six months. I told him I wasn't interested in that, so he advises he's going to transfer me to an account specialist. This in reality resulted in me being put back into the queue where I first started.

Through sheer frustration I eventually gave up waiting for someone to answer my call, which I'm sure won't upset Virgin Media too much. I have been with Virgin Media from the very beginning and this sort of customer service is completely unacceptable (and it's not the first instance of it either). It should be a simple process to either negotiate an improved contract or cancel one's account. That is certainly not the case.

I have been on the phone for a hour or more trying to get something done about this and still no further forward.


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Re: Disgracful customer service

Hi Thommo14,


Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear this. 


What I will do is Private message you so we can look into this. 



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