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Sick of this! Sorry, three times ive try to explain I want my package changing and 3 times the Indians don't understand. The bill is way OTT and I would like to drop my negotiate a new deal so I stay with Virgin. 

The first call handler cut me off

The second one went through my billing history for 45 minutes and all I said was can you pass me through to disconnections and then got rather upset I was leaving. Not leaving I want to negotiate not leave so she said how can she help me. Well you can start by learning what negotiations means

The third said sorry I don't understand! and I said okay and put the phone down only for them to ring me up and said you got a fault on my line. No, I was about to blow my top! 

Virgin media once over had uk people talking to you not someone from the outback who can't even understand what you mean let alone a post code. Sorry just shear frustration!

I take it I can't contact a uk call center. Can see why Branson a billionaire with the increases probably paying peanuts to them anyway. 

Sorry if I offended anyone but, Im sure Im not the only one who feels frustrated

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Re: Disconnections

Hi Simon,


Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and a warm welcome to you, I am sorry that you haven't been able to negotiate a new deal.


It is only our customer relations team who are able to look into this for you, they would be able to do a full review on your account and get the best deal available and suited to you.


You can contact them on 0345 454 1111 options 1,4 then 5 before making any decisions, they will be able to do a full review on your account and get the best deal available to you.






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