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Disconnection but no refund


I was using VM broadband, TV and phone since Jan 2020 and gave one month notice of moving out at the end of December.

But suddenly VM disconnected my internet although I still live in the same property and  my moving out date is more than 3 weeks later. I have paid all the bill until 23th of January.

I called VM everyday to reconnect my service, for first couple of days they said "it will be connected in 48 hours, or 72 hours" but it didn't.

then they said my service disconnected by accident but it can't be reconnected because the new tenant has made a contract with VM in the same address and the new tenant disagrees to reconnect my internet.

I think it does not make sence at all. I am living without internet for 9days, with my two children(7 and 5 years old) during this pandemic.
VM promised that they will call me back after they contact to the new tenant and the manager will call me for a refund, but nothing happened. 
I would like to know what I can do in this situation. I have been stolen my internet and money by VM and the new tenant.

My family suffers a lot, especially regarding homeschooling and mental health. please help me and my children.

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Re: Disconnection but no refund

Hi Nara,


I am sorry to hear your internet was disconnected earlier than you wanted due to the new tenant applying for the service, the only way we can reconnect is by cancelling the new install if you have advised this has been refused I can only apologise.


In regards to the billing and you paying for the services you aren't receiving this really isn't the case, the bill is stopped the minute the services go off and anything you have paid past that date will be sent by cheque to your forwarding address around 40 days after the disconnection.


Kind regards



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