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Disconnection Fee refund

Tuning in

Virgin Media owe me a refund of £134 following a house move which resulted in a disconnection fee despite VM not supplying my new property. 

I have wasted hours of my life trying to get one ill-trained customer service rep after another to grasp this and provide a refund, to no avail. The complaints team are ghosting me and any other email address I've tried bounces back. 

Any input welcome as to how I can get a resolution. 


Alessandro Volta

VM charges you the EDF when you disconnect and VM is supposed to refund once you provide proof that your new address is outside VM's service areas.

Contact info provided by @newapollo at message #2 below and further info from the VM forum team at #3

Have you been unsuccessful via the suggested routes above?

Tuning in

Thank you for providing this information. I have emailed the address provided in the link so hopefully that will bear some fruit. 

I have spoken to a number of customer reps who have all peddled the line that I'll receive an email that I should respond to with proof of address following disconnection but I haven't received any such email. Any emails I have received are all from unmanned inboxes. 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @LG88,

Welcome back to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Great to hear our VIP was able to help you, do let us know how this goes once you get this email back and what happens with this, we are able to help further if needed.