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Disabled Customer - Deaf - Help needed please, Going Crazy

Just new to site but posted a message the other day, for help as I am going Crazy trying to Cancel my Broadband & Phoneline, I have been with VM for years, But after accident a few years ago i am now Deaf, I therefore have no use for a Phone line as i cannot make or recieve calls now -  i also want to look for a cheaper supplier as price is due to go up again on 1st of March, i simply want to cancel and it is impossible have sat all day again waiting, and waiting without success for a reply  

I have tried the Message us - Chat, and i actually borrowed my wifes phone to try the Text Service all to no avail,  I thought the text service would be best option with being deaf as maybe not so many using it but its auto and when you reply you dont get put in touch with an agent straight away to sort things out, 3 Days i have tried and 3 times it was different operator - actually got as far as texting my name, and that i was the account holder sent the text and nothing - no reply at all  from other end and no contact  for rest of Day  7.20 am next morning same again,

surely there is a Top Forum Bod on here who can help me out with this

Waiting in Hope and Desperation - Kisses all around

John 🤓

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Re: Disabled Customer - Deaf - Help needed please, Going Crazy


You can also cancel by mail by writting too Virgin Media Sales Operation Support, Diamond Plaza, Daleside Road, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG2 3GG

Regards Mike

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Re: Disabled Customer - Deaf - Help needed please, Going Crazy

Hi Avatar,


Welcome to the Community Forums, thank you for taking the time to post here.


I'm very sorry to hear you've had so such trouble trying to contact us to arrange a disconnection of your services, I appreciate how frustrating this must have been for you. It's not something we normally do here from the forums, but given the circumstances we want to help out.


I've sent you over a PM so I can take some further details from you. Please find my message over at the purple envelope 🙂





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