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Departments not speaking to each other

Bit of back story...noticed our landline had stopped working but due to using Mobiles more, we didn't realise till literally 12 Months after. Also, on our spare HD Box (not Tivo), we noticed the HD Channels showing a poor garbeled picture.

So I brought a new landline phone and when the line was completely dead we booked in an engineer:


Engineer 1 said: 

* Landline completely dead - he resolved it by using neighbours spare one

* Mentioned that the outside Cable is knackered and when moisture gets in the air i.e. it rains, it can affect the HD Signals first

* We would need to book in with the Construction team


I booked in with Customer Services (lady was not from UK) and re-iterated many times, we would need the drive digging up (as it were)

Engineer 2:

* He said we'd been booked in wrong

* He agreed with the comments of the first engineer


Just rang CS:

* They didnt believe what we had said before because it was not on file

* I mentioned about the issues, giving an example that sometimes the 2G signal works and 5G doesent and vice versa. She then went on to correct me that this isnt the Internet signal - **bleep**? Completely idiotic comment.

* Engineer was on phone when she went to ring him to confirm what I was saying

* Faults team was engaged too

* When she went to put me through to faults team the phone hung up.


I have had to have a day off work - unpaid I hasten to add - to be in. Naturally I want to be in when a part of the drive is being taken up. But now it's all a waste.

I thought I'd ring CS after the Engineer had been so it was fresh in everyones memory but although he updated the file that he'd checked the wiring and supplied us a new remote. He hadnt updated it with the fact he was speaking to his manager to book in the construction team.


Fact of the matter is this

* I've not had a working landline for 12 Months

* HD signals on box work poorly during wet weather

* It's taken 2 Months + to get this resolved.

* Two Engineers have identified what needs to be done but nothing is being done about it!


What exactly is going on here guys? Never had an issue until now and to be honest, I feeling so **bleep** off with it all and feel like joining Sky.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Departments not speaking to each other

Hi Steve1977

Thanks for getting in touch with us about the issues with the service and the ultimate re-pull needed.

I can see after you posted you called the teams and you have been advised of the repull date.

If there's anything else we can support you with please just let us know.

Take care.

Forum Team

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