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Delayed credits promises broken and lies

On the 7th of August I got a phone call from your customer loyalty people as I planned to leave virgin media due to package changes (which have now been brought back but I still planned to go). 

I was promised that the bill that came out today would be no more than £8 as I will be given a £50 credit on my account. On the 23rd of August I got an email telling me the system failed to produce a bill and I would be cut off on the 26th. So naturally I called and asked what was going on. I was assured I would not loose anything (I did not) and that it was just my bill cost nothing (due to credits) so do not worry my next bill will coming out the 8th of October at the new agreed rate. 

So today £58 comes out of my account. I'm obviously stumped, I call customer service and I'm told the credit was not put on my account till the 13th of August meaning I had to pay a full bill this month. Twice I was assured it would cost me next to nothing or nothing at all.


The lady on the phone today said I should have left and if I want the money back I have to go to my bank and make them send the money back there is nothing she can or will do to help me it is how your system works. 

Clearly staying was infact the wrong the choice if you do not refund your mistakes and you tell people you should have left. I do not understand why it is up to me to chase my money up and for me to make the bank send it back. You took it, you should return it. Also why was the credit added later not the day it was promised apprently making it bump to another bill ?  Like many people I am on a budget and watch all my outgoings.

This is not the first time things like this have happened and each time it is down to the customer not the company to correct and chase up. This is very poor customer service.

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Re: Delayed credits promises broken and lies

Hi Wandy and welcome to the community,

I'm sorry to hear you had an unexpected amount taken from your account following the offer of a credit, I can understand your disappointment.

I'm sorry to say we don't have a facility to return a Direct Debit payment so if you were looking to have the money refunded rather than being deducted from your next bill, you would need to ask your bank to run an indemnity claim as is your right as part of the Direct Debit guarantee. They usually have it back in your account within 24 hours.

With regards to the time the credit was applied, depending on the type of credit is offered, it may take a while for these to be authorised and applied. We would always recommend referring to your bill to see how much we will be taking and when.

Apologies again for any inconvenience this may have caused. We're here should you need any further help.


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