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Defaulted account

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I have reached out via credit amendment e-mail and just pretty much dismissed.

I have a default on my account from 2018, at this time I didn't have capacity and an appointed person was in control of my financial situation and I was required to leave the address and had to deal with affairs via appointed person. I have evidence of this, then in 2020 when I was able to secure a property I recieved a letter and at this point it was paid via debt collection agency.

It wasn't until a few weeks ago I checked my credit file and seen a default. I reached out to virgin media via the appropriate channel and was just told sorry but it is what it is. Upon querying this with those responsible for my care in my absence I have recieved confirmation that they did reach out to virgin media to provide a care of address and details fro the appointed person in my absence but were never contacted and informed that without my express consent they couldn't deal with my account - despite me being unable to give consent at the time due to the circumstances.

Is it right to just dismiss this and not review the evidence on a case by case basis, given the impact of this situation which was unavoidable. A truly awful time is now following me impacting my ability to gain a home an moved on with my life, I would understand if it was just a avoidance but given the circumstances when I didn't have control. Can someone please reach out to me. 


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I have also been asked to query where the default notice was sent to given it wasn't received at the care of address?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey DanielleQuail,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with a default payment on your account, you have stated that the credit file team dismissed your query, what did the team advise, when you raised this with them?

Do you know how your appointed person to try to contact us back in 2020?

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I first reached out on the 17/09/23 I have detailed this is in the e-mail and again in a follow up I sent on the 4th of October, the reply is that the default is correct, with no answers to queries asked relating to this issue or confirmation of where the default was addressed to, following local authority appointee being in charge of care and finance at the time this was late 2017 early 2018, I reached out following the response to gain confirmation of this. 

I have confirmation that the appointed person reached out to all those whom I had financial commitments to it does however state on file without express consent (Which was unobtainable due to circumstances) Virgin Media refused to communicate with them on my behalf and as a result a letter was sent to VM detailing the conditions and correspondance address. There is no record of acknowledgment of contact or default notification sent to the LA appointee at this time.