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Dangerous Driving from Virgin site

On our wavelength

I have searched the web for a simple email address for virgin media. As im no longer a customer I find it difficult to contact you as every link you have on your web site seems to want me to log in, and whilst i can do this when i click the link to log a complaint via the web form, it goes around in a circle. Typical Virgin TBH. One of the reason i left in the first place.

However this does not take away the dangerous situation one of your staff put me and my wife in earlier this evening.

Whilst walking past Virgin Media City House in Baguley, we were about to cross the road when a member of staff from this building failed to stop at the stop marker on the road and had it not been for the fact that we heard the car, he would have hit us.

The driver was in a Ford Puma reg DC70 RMZ. This happened at around 17:03 on Monday 19th June 2023. 

The whole reason there is a stop marker on this road (Timpson Road - Clearly visible on google Maps) is for drivers to stop incase someone is coming past. However this man failed to stop and did not even acknowledge that he was in the wrong.

I would like to have this investigated please, and if this is the wrong forum for this please by all means let me know and if you have an email address for customer service please let me know and i will happily send this as an email.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi clubsceneuk2


Thank you for your post and welcome back to our community.


We don't have a customer service email address, however we would be happy to help you here.


Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your concerns around a driving incident that may have involved a member of our staff at our City House office. 


I want to assure you we take this very seriously and will review this internally.


As you have kindly provided the location, time, date and registration there isn't any further information we would require at this time. 


To set expectations, we wouldn't be able to disclose the outcome of any possible disciplinary action involving an employee. 


If you do have any further questions regarding this, please pop back to us here and we would be happy to assist further. 



Vikki - Forum Team

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