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I have sent a letter of complaint to Virgin Media on behalf of my brother who is in hospital so cannot address the issue himself. He tried to cancel his fibre broadband account within 2 days of having taken it out through O2. O2 said they would cancel everything. Some time later money had been taken from my brother's bank account by Virgin so we went back to O2 to see why and they said they were unable to cancel the account with Virgin. We contacted Virgin straight away and were told everything would be sorted out and there would be no further payments required. He then received a bill for £388! I raised the letter of complaint and sent it recorded delivery so have a record of it's receipt. In the meantime we received a response from Virgin that is a little confusing. They said "Your complaint was: Complaint -> My contract/package -> I'm trying to cancel" (there dashes and arrows, not mine) then they say "Here's what we offer as a resolution: Package -> package change". What does this mean? Has the £388 been cancelled now?

I contacted Virgin media on 03454541111 but they could not discuss it as I am not the account holder (even though I wrote the letter of complaint and he countersigned it). I asked for a contact in the customer complaints department so I can sort this out but they wouldn't give me one. Where to now?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Bhart 👋🏼.


Thank you for posting and welcoming you onto our community forum 😊.


Sorry for the misunderstanding and we want to help. 


Has your brother contacted Virgin Media regarding cancelling? How did you raise the compliant and when was it raised? Have you had any acknowledgement that the complaint has been received?


If you have already been provided with a reference you can check it online here.


Thank you. 

Ari - Forum Team

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