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Customer Complaints

A virgin engineer visited our house over two month's ago to deal with a broadband problem. He did not ask whether shoes were allowed in the house and proceeded to leave a deep gauge in a new wooden floor when he dragged his tool bag across it.

I complained immediately, first speaking with the Indian call centre and now the UK centre. The Indian call centre failed to manage the issue properly before apologising and passing it on to the appropriate department. That department did not follow up on the matter and I again chased. I was assured the issue would be addressed within 28 days. It was not. I have again called Virgin today to get an update. I am advised the matter has now been passed on to the area manager and I should expect a call.

When I spoke with the Virgin call centre operative she told me if I disconnected the service they would consider the matter of compensation closed. I queried this because it clearly cannot be right that if you ignore a complaint leaving the customer no choice but to cancel the service that you can walk away from compensation.

I also asked for a direct dial number to customer retentions I was given the 0345 454 1111 number, I had dialled the 150 number earlier. This was not a direct dial number as promised but was instead a premium call number.

My optimism around receiving decent customer service from Virgin at this point is low to non-existent.


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Re: Customer Complaints

Hi Francis8 and welcome to the community,

I'm sorry to hear of the experience you had when reporting an issue to us, I can understand your disappointment.

I'd like to look into this for you, so I'll be dropping you a private message soon. Just click the small envelope icon to the top right.

Forum Team

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