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Credit Report



I am now in a process of buying my first house. After paying for the solicitors and some fees, the lender rejected my application for a serious reason. 

The only issue is the I have cancelled my account with Virgin media, and after stopping the service I have received a letter from Virgin that I need to pay three months late payments. I contacted Virgin and they confirmed that this is a mistake and I can disregard the letter as it is generated by a mistake. 

Now after three years I found this mistake still active in my credit report as Virgin still waiting for a payment, which is why the lender didn't trust me.

I have contacted Virgin and they advised my to send an email to ( Unfortunately they didn't reply up to the time of writing the email.


Kindly I would like to get an advice or help from anyone to solve the issue.


Thanks in advance.   

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Re: Credit Report

You can ask the Credit Reference Agency to add a notice of Correction which will explain that this is a mistake - or you can wait for Virgin to amend it and once done you can apply for a new credit file - or ask them to run it again. It is generally advised to check before making a big purchase for this reason
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Re: Credit Report

Notice of correction is likely to be moot in lender's considerations.

Similar posts on the forum would suggest a response time of 28 day from Did you send any supporting evidence with your email? If not then consider making a request under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for your data to see what, if any, supporting evidence exists. You can submit the request either via:

  • a letter to Data Protection Team, Virgin Media Limited, PO Box 333, Swansea, SA7 9BB
  • an email to

Be aware that under the regulation Virgin Media have one calendar month to respond to the request.

Whilst waiting for Virgin Media's reply it maybe worthwhile requesting your credit file or, at the very least, your statutory credit file from: