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Contract up for renewal but...

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My contract is up for renewal next month. I'm happy to sign up to a new 18-month contract but only want Broadband (I currently have phone / TV - both of which I never use).

I've tried calling a couple of times a few days ago. The first time I called, nice guy on the phone realised that I wanted to go from a three-product package to a single product package, said they didn't deal with that and passed me to another team. They quoted a silly price for Broadband only, and wanted to charge me a cancellation fee. I tried to explain that I wanted the new contract to start when the new contract finished, but they wouldn't / couldn't understand this and insisting on only being able to start it from the day I called.

Next call, the person tried to sell me the 'everything' package and again, wouldn't / couldn't understand that I don't want to buy something I'm not going to use, no matter what the price. I then asked for a 'free' product to be removed, which caused my monthly fee to almost double.

Can someone help me swap to a Broadband only package, at a reasonable price, that starts on the same day my current contract finishes? Is it really that hard? 


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Finally managed to transfer to a broadband only package, that is on a 30-day contract (they don't do 18 months ones apparently) that will cost the same as my 'three services' discount price one. I think the person was genuinely surprised when I said 'yes' but I'm now free to look around for better deals/ customer service.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Anonymous 

I'm pleased to see that you have managed to agree to a new contract, albeit a 30 day rolling contract (requires 30 days cancellation notice) so you are free to leave without any early termination fees BUT VM do still have a  couple of 24 month broadband only deals (M125 and M250) which as an out of contract customer would cost £30 a month and £33 a month respectively, which fall within you £35 a month price point. You should have been offered those choices and then attempted to negotiate a lower price point.  I would be inclined to negotiate again armed with those facts if you can bear it.





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