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Contract renewal without consent after moving house

Joining in

I have moved house in April this year and at that time the agent made an excuse that due to "system limitations" they have to create an new contract and promised to "manually change the contract end date" to the original 18-month end date that I first used the service.

Of course that didn't happen.

Then I have phoned into the support hotline and requested them to amend that, and they promised to complete that within 40 hours. And i have specifically requested a soft copy of the updated contract to be sent to my registered email.

And of course that didn't happen.

I am very disappointed in the scammy "system limitations, the lack of actions to amend it, and the unfulfilled promises.

Please do not contact me and attempt to stall with "security checks". You have my email, phone number, the client account associated to this forum account, and the call recording to prove what I have written in this post to be factual.

You have 24 hours to fulfill what you have promised. Please update the contract with the correct end date, that I rightfully own, and send the copy to the registered email address.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi wooyin,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear your contract was started again when moving and that the promise to ,put it back to the original date doesn't seem to have took place, I will be more than happy to look further into this, I will invite you into a private chat, once in I will first have to clear security in order to access your account.

Please look out for the white envelope to join the chat.