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Contract renewal (or cancellation)?

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I am coming to the end of my current contract and resolved to either negotiate a new contract or cancel VM services.

When I called to cancel ,an agent in retentions tried to find a better deal but was unable to do so and  I was passed onto disconnections. This agent also tried and was able to find a better package deal for  a slight cost increase, however when I looked online later in the day I was offered the same package that I currently have for the same price for another 18 months which I accepted and received the pre contract documents. I called again just to make sure that this would cancel the contract taken earlier via telephone and was assured it would.

A week later the contract had not been implemented  and my account was still showing the changes made via telephone, I called again and was berated by the advisor for not looking for the online offer prior to calling and that I shouldn't have been informed the telephone contract would be cancelled , as it wouldn't necessarily happen automatically. I was then offered a  chance to ASK for discount to bring the telephone contract price down to the online price albeit with some slight changes but that this wasn't guaranteed and I should expect a phone call ( no we can't email this sorry!!!) to update me of the status of this request.

Again on Monday I contacted via webchat to find out what was happening and was informed that the contract taken out online would be in place today (the 21st) and that this would cancel all previous offers and contracts.

Nothing has happened, the status of my account is exactly the same as before and despite waiting since 11:30 for a webchat assistant there has been no further communication. I am doing all I can to sort this before the changes take effect on 06.10.23 but VM seemingly are not. 

Is this really the best I can expect??


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Metroman,

Thanks for your first post and welcome to our Community.
Sorry to hear you are having an issue with contract.

Although we are not able to make any changes to packages on here. We can still take a look at the account for you.
If you don't mind, I will need to send you a private message to pass security. 
If you can check your logo at the  top right of your screen that would be great. 

Hi Gareth, I’ve replied to your PM and also in the meantime called VM to try to resolve this issue. It seems according to the agent that none of the contracts that I took out online have been “pushed through” whatever that’s supposed to mean, even though I have agreed to two online offers I still have no contract to renew. I was offered a discount again on the contract taken via telephone on 7.9.23 which I declined as the online offers were better and cheaper and ,when the agent went away to consult a supervisor, came back with a contract for £77pcm which if I accepted would have a £28 reduction for the term. When the documents were sent there was no mention of the deduction and when queried I was told that the supervisor would apply this at the end of the shift?? I asked to discuss with a supervisor and was told that they were ALL in a meeting… really?? The same supervisor who not 10 minutes before agreed to the £77 contract with a reduction. When I queried the billing for this and previous bills I was told that I would be notified on my bank statement!! After the amounts had been taken. The call was ended at this point by the agent after almost 2 hours of this ridiculous charade. I still have not seen anything mentioning a price reduction, all I wanted was the online offer for the same services I now receive for the same price, which I thought  I had achieved but because the system didn’t process these offers on TWO separate occasions I feel like I have been pushed into something that I don’t want. Highly likely that I’ll be cancelling tomorrow.