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Contract renewal not put through?

On our wavelength

Dear Virgin Media, 

My contract is ending 21/12/23.

I received an email a few weeks ago inviting me to renew.

I went through the link and accepted on 26/11/23.I received an email with 'Pre-Contract' documents... I checked my account every day and nothing was updated.  Some time later I received a text inviting me to renew.  I went through the link and renewed through the text on 04/12/23.  I again received an email with 'Pre-Contract' documents... Checked my account every day and no updates.

Meanwhile my bill for the period 09/12/23 to 08/01/23 has been produced.  Which is due to be taken shortly.  This bill is around 150% higher than the usual amount.

There is also the question that my renewal does not seem like for like?

The email inviting me to renewal said 'Remember, it's the same package' but on the pre contract I received it did not include standard Netlifx or the extra box.

Please can you into:

A - why my contract renewal has not yet been put through.

B - Why my package does not appear to be like for like when the email I received stated it would be the same package.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi timbs32,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear the package you accepted was not added and that you have had to chase this up, so I can try to help, I will send you an invite into a private chat, please look our for the white envelope to accept.



On our wavelength

&... I was just referred back to call retentions.  Sending out these renewal invites is just wasting everyone's time when they are not actioned properly.  Shame on you VM. 

On our wavelength

Retentions have no record of the online renewal that I signed & are unable to match the price.

They are making me give 1 months notice to leave.

I would have called up earlier to cancel but was patiently waiting for my account to be updated with the new contract.

Now I will be out of pocket by not an insignificant amount of money as paying non discounted charges for a few weeks until cancellation.