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Contract renewal fiasco

Joining in

My VM broadband and landline contract expired a few months ago, so August 5th I renegotiated for a new contract.

Managed to get the bill reduced to £20 pm for exactly the same package.

Next thing you know I received a bill for £157 including an early termination fee, which is not possible as I was out of contract when I renegotiated. I then discovered that somebody at VM had mysteriously added a Stream box and removed my landline! I'm assuming this happened between the 5th Aug and the 14th. Why did they do this??

When I complained, I was told that the best they could do was to *request* that the phantom early termination fees be waived, and lower my bill to £20 for 4 months, after which it would revert to a new contract price of £37. After the 4 month reduced rate period, the agent claims that I will be able to cancel without any early termination fees. 

I made sure to record the agent I was speaking to, as I simply don't believe VM are acting in good faith. The stress and amount of time I have had to waste have left me absolutely livid. A disgrace all round. Feel like I've been scammed!