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Contract offered does not match contract received but impossible to contact Virgin

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I am at my wits end trying to renew my contract.

Out of the blue I was sent a new contract with a new deal that is much more expensive than what I am paying now. I phoned Virgin and spoke to someone who said they were unable to offer me anything better. I asked to speak to a supervisor but was refused. I asked to cancel my contract and was put through to someone who offered me a new acceptable deal. This took 75 minutes on the phone! 

The next day I received an email confirming the new deal which was not the deal I had agreed over the phone.

I contacted Virgin Media again using Live Chat this time which took 7 hours!! During the chat I was sent 8!! different contracts via email, each one with a different rate. The representative told me to ignore these and that the deal she was offering me (even better than from the day before) was guaranteed. See excerpt from the live chat below 

The next day when I received yet another email with the new contract details it was more than double what I had been 'guaranteed'. 

I don't want this expensive deal, I want the deal I was offered and failing that I want to cancel my contract with Virgin (after 20+ years) but I can't see how to contact them via email or for them to give me a call back. I haven't got time to spend another 75 minutes on a terrible phone line or 7 hours on the Live Chat only to find that I get the wrong deal again.

Does anyone know of any other way to contact Virgin and how to get through to a supervisor? 

Thank you : )

Excerpt from Live Chat:

Mary at 16:32, Oct 11:
Thank you for confirming that, no worries rest assure that I will fix it today.
Can you please confirm you are happy for me to continue and complete the order?

You at 16:32, Oct 11:
Yes if you can amend the price to £22.75 for 18 months

Mary at 16:33, Oct 11:
Yes, Susan. I can guarantee of you that.
The deal I received was for £55!!



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @Bus65,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post your issue on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your new contract offers from the team, we wouldn't be able to help any further from the forums as we can't look into package changes. 

If you dont want to call into the team again to get this looked into, you can message via WhatsApp on 07305327112 for the team to look into this for you.