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Contract extended without my agreement - Rectified but no new contract supplied

I wonder if anyone from Virgin can finally help me get my hands on the correct contract...

I moved house at the end of Febraury 2021, taking my services and existing contract with me, no changes to the contract. For whatever reason Virgin auto-generated a new contract with the end date extended by another 18months - not what I wanted. After many attempts to speak to someone who could understand the issue, I was finally told that the issue had been rectified, and the end date of my contract returned to the original date. Hooray.

Only problem now is that however many times I ask for this rectified contract in writing, every single contract I receive is incorrect. Not only this but the contract on MyVirginMedia has not been updated. I want to have the correct contract in writing for peace of mind. Every time I get in touch with Virgin agents via live chat about this (about 15 separate occasions by this point), they assure me that the contract has been amended, and I can "screenshot their conversation as evidence". This is all fine and dandy but I just want to have the ACTUAL CONTRACT stating the CORRECT contract end date. 

Is anyone here able to help shed some light on why I cannot be supplied my actual contract. I would really appreciate any help to put an end to this frustration. Thank you

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