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Contract coming to an end

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My contract is ending very soon, either I need to cancel or re-negotiate a new deal, I'm not prepared to pay the renewal figure of £68 but would be happy to continue with the package we're on at the current price of £26.45 per month, if not I will have to cancel my contract at the renewal date and go with another provider.

How do I contact Virgin to discuss this?

Many thanks



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Contract renegotiations can't be done via this forum and are best done either by calling in - or if you're desperate to avoid doing so, by WhatsApp chat.

More importantly, you're probably coming at this from the wrong angle and being aware of that will stand you in much better position. You have a rolling contract at a standard price of (I'm guessing) £68, but with very generous time-limited discounts of £41 - 60% off.

Those discounts are coming to and end, so price up what alternative suppliers can offer you and how much they will cost. When you then call into retentions, having those facts & figures will demonstrate that you have done some research and are not just asking "please can I have another discount".

Have a figure in mind of what you're prepared to pay VM to re-contract, and see where the conversation goes. If a price is offered that you're happy with, accept it immediately. If it's not, give your 30days cancellation notice there & then. VM offers are generally "of the moment" and the advice to "have a think about it" rarely works with VM.

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