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Contract changed with no notification when digital installed

Joining in

Prior to May 2023 my mother had a landline (Talk Weekend) and a minimum TV package (Player TV(M) with Virgin media, paying £24 per month. She did not have broadband with them, she is 86 and does not have a computer or a mobile phone. In May 2023 I was advised by Virgin Media that they had to install a low power modem to connect her phone to. They assured me that the bill would not change as it wasn’t a modem for internet use, just for the landline to work on and they put it behind a bedroom wardrobe. I deal with my mum’s affairs, I looked at her account yesterday and since 15 May 2023 they have taken £43 per month, I rang them and they have added full broadband (M50 Fibre Broadband), Mixit TV and landline is now weekend chatter, call divert, quick dial, 3-way calling, reminder call and call waiting, she won’t understand or even be able to use any of these are. We neither asked for or agreed to a change of contract. The contract is for 18 months. Virgin Media refuse to return her previous package and will not refund the over payments. If she wants out of the contract, they want £450. She is a pensioner with poor health, this is making her so anxious and upset, she can’t afford £43 every month for something we didn’t ask for, agree to or need. I never received an amended contract or I would have dealt with it within the 14-day cooling off period. It is shocking, a long standing customer having a contract renewed without their knowledge to trap them in to higher prices!