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Contract adjustment needed. (Legal CEDR Agreement)

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So as you can see from my previous messgaes on this site.

I started a contract on the 6th of march, my contract was for 1GB VIP package at the time for £75.

Virgin was lazy, Poor service and later i opened up a complain with CEDR with £100s of overpayment errors.That i won and compersation was given and agreement that my contract would stay £75 till the end of term was made.

One of the issues was my contract was for 1GB package in March. and virgin had a shortage issue at that time and they was still billing me for this service. This happened for months and it was later adjusted in the year. (covid internet limits maybe)

My issue isn't the overpayment they had, But Virgin media reset my contract when they finally put my speed to the correct amount ( i was getting M500) on 1GB package. i was unaware of the new contact that was made at the time it was not Signed or No verble or commication agreements was made. This was done solely by  Akua_A at the time of the correct that was done.

 So atm virgin as Breeched CEDR Ruling. (My contact should stay unchanged and £75 till the end of service)
Now my contract still says "Min Period of : 11 Months"

When it was started on 3rd of March 2022 (Should end OCT 2023) (18 months)

So you guys have 2 options.
1, I Re-Open the Legal case with CEDR and we go back and fourth again for a few months. (You breeched your agreement)
2, You adjust my account to stay £75 till my contract (YOU CHANGED while doing a speed correction) ends.

Legal stuff:
(This is my first Offical Complaint Dated 01/10/2023 (Today) of making Virgin Media LTD aware of this issue) 


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Staff who dealt with the first complaint/Issue.

@ Natalie_L 

Hi antonyr123,

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry to hear about what has happened with your contract. 

I am happy to take a look into this for you. I will private message you now. 


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today is now saturday, Virgin have had over a week. They have no replyed back to me.

First DM was from Martin_N  on the Sunday, Replyed to he's message with my personal account infomation and now ignored me for 6 days with no Reply

Then John_GS  Messaged me on Tuesday " 

Re: Contract adjustment needed. (Legal CEDR Agreement)

Hi, Denise. Martin is not in currently,"

I replyed with the secuity question i asked and he as now ignored me for 4 days.

This is not looking good. 

Hi @antonyr123 

No one has ignored you - simply been out of the office.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Can i have a job at virgin then if i dont work between tuesdays and Saturdays ? lol 😛