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Contract added to my account

Joining in

Good morning. I had an issue with abnormal charges on my account so I called you guys to deal with it. All fine. Customer services, although very time consuming got rid of the charges and solved my issue. 

I've been out of contract for a few years. But when I now check my account you are apparently starting another contract for me, starting in October. I didn't consent this change and I will be recieving no discount or a better package in return. So why is this happening?

My intent is to cancel my contract and renew as this is the only way to get a decent deal with Virgin. 

With these changes, you will be charging me for leaving my contract early. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Fzappa1, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am sorry to hear this. 

I have taken a look and I can see you've spoke to the team about this already did they manage to get this resolved for you? Cheers


Matt - Forum Team

New around here?