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Contract Change

I already have TV, Broadband and Landline, But my partner has her own account with Virgin Mobile for her and her daughter. She recently rang up as her phone contract was up for upgrade which she did no issues. However she was attempted to be offered TV, Broadband etc.... But advised I already had and pay for the services.
Anyway he offered to see if he could do me a better deal, which he could not do, but offered to add a sim card for £1 which would also give my partner a £2 discount off her contract.
Anyway, my issue is my contract for TV etc was 18 months and was due to end 22nd May 2022 and then the price increases to £89. But now it has added underneath this on my contract that 26th Dec 2022 it will go up to £90 and if I wish to cancel before this date I will have to pay a fee? At no time was I told it will affect my contract date for my TV and if I knew it would I would not have accepted it as I don't want to be paying £90 as it's out of my budget.

Can I cancel this, or can someone explain to me what it all means as I do not want to be tied in to paying £89 for 6 months.


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Re: Contract Change

1) If you're within 14 days of the start of the changes then you can just phone up and cancel the revised contract, and then see if you can start over again.

2) If you're over 14 days, them so long as (a) you weren't made aware of the contract extension when you spoke and agreed the revised terms, and (b) you've objected as soon as you became aware, ideally within perhaps six weeks of the start date, then you would be well within your rights to cancel the revised contract.  Even so you might have to use VM's formal complaints process, and even then might still have to escalate to the industry arbitration scheme CISAS.

3) If the contract has been running for a few months, then it's less likely (unless you were actually lied to) that you can change it.  Verbally agreed contracts rarely cover the small print, but that small print does become binding in law as a "deemed" contract if the company deliver the service and you pay the bills without complaint.  There would still be a very strong argument that contract length is not "small print", and that if VM's agent didn't bring this to your attention then it cannot be held to be binding, but that's all debatable, and you'd almost certainly have to go down the complaints and probable CISAS escalation route.

Your ideal outcome is that the helpful forum staff have this looked into, and between you agree an acceptable outcome.  That's quickest and easiest for both sides, and I'll mark your post for the staff to take a look and comment.  Any discussion will have to be private message between you and company staff.  

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Re: Contract Change

Hi Factualgnome,


Thanks for posting and sorry to hear there's been some confusion over the contract.


I've been able to locate your account using your forum details and can see you've been able to speak top an agent regarding this


If you do still need help however please let us know.



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