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Contact details for Virgin media CEO office please

On our wavelength

The question is does anyone know how can I get hold of any on in the executive offices of virgin 

I will try to be brief.. I was have consulted a lawyer and was advised to contact the CEO office at virgin media about my concerns regarding my account and the fact that the "customer services" 150 team seem to be signing me up to contracts I never agreed to. When I made online written complaints they all seem to be closed within 1 week and erased from my online account entirely. I complained to customer services who denied the existence of customer relations but they wanted to verify my Identity!!!!!. Strange enough that I have already verified it electronically on starting the phone call and verbally to the customer services advisor at the beginning of the phone call. The advisor says he needs to verify it again ... i abided, he says is incorrect and he needs my bank account details to confirm... "has fraud written all over it by the 150 teams. asked to speak to his manager but was disconnected.... strange enough my paper billing was cancelled without my knowledge and I was put on a contract I never knew anything about and never agreed to.

I tried to complain in writing but the case was closed on one occasion and on another I got a letter asking me to call virgin back as this cant be removed in "email writing". when I did call on 150 .. the call centre had no clue. . instead, I received a letter with a new complaint number apparently filed by the weird agent who was asking about my bank details. (total coverup) then I received a day later another letter apparently in response to a request for a reminder for my password.. I haven't requested any (more coverup).. so far the information on my online account doesn't tally up with my contract and it's a total mystery to me what's going on. I have consulted my legal aid who advised to contact the CEO to flag this up as something is horribly wrong. I have written to the CEO Lutz S. and no response for 14 days. I have asked for subject access to all digital files and phone calls. it took virgin media 13 days to respond to say they will respond in another 30 days (which is not the regal time frame). The customer services team repeatedly denied the existence of any customer relations department, or any complaints department but asked that I should write to Tom.mockridge . They went on to say that they have filed a data breach form 72831/805 (I wonder if this is this virgin media's way of telling the customers that there is a data breach or a hacker attack).

I have written to Tom Mockridge and got the surprising autoreply ( I have copied it below ).. as it seems that the whole company is unreachable and directing all phone calls to impotent call centres in India and the Philippines...   

The question is does anyone know how can I get hold of any on in the executive offices of virgin 

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Thankyou for that Cardiffman281. I will compose a report for him as soon as I can.

Hi Barzey, 

Thanks for coming back to us about this incident you've alluded to, I am sorry this has happened and I'll be more than happy to send you a PM now and go through it with you. 

Speak soon. 



Many thanks got it fine

Hi Barzey,

Thanks for chatting with me in our PM's, I am sorry that you didn't feel comfortable continuing the conversation when security questions had to be asked. 

However, I understand your decision and I wish you the best of luck going forward with this issue. 

You can contact our other teams here - Contact Us.

You can also create a complaint about this issue here - Make A Complaint.