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The problem started on 17th October when I contacted the retention team to negotiate a better deal as my contract was coming to an end.

As a customer of nearly 30 years,Virgin Media and I in the past have always entered a discussion to find the best deal for the forthcoming contract.

On all other occasions and including this, I have made it very clear that whatever deal was offered,would NOT affect my existing package.I was subsequently advised that my package would stay exactly the same. 

A few days later,I realised that I no longer had access to Netflix although this was on my previous package.

I called your team who assured me that this was an error and that an email should have been sent to me allowing me to activate Netflix. As they were unable to do so there and then, a form would have to be completed and passed to the Netflix team who would in turn send me the email to enable me to activate Netflix.

I waited a further few days, contacted Virgin Media again only to have to repeat myself, explaining that Netflix is missing from my package. I was told AGAIN that a form had to be sent to the Netflix team and they were going to send the form there and then but I will have to wait 48 hours before getting a response. 

I accepted this, 48 hours came and went and I heard nothing. Contacted Virgin Media again, having had to repeat myself again, was told again a form will be completed that day but I’ll have to wait a further 7 days. 

This scenario has gone on for weeks,calling Virgin Media who by all accounts seem to have no recollection of any of my calls as I’m having to repeat myself every time I call.

On Tuesday I called the retention team, I was again told that a form will have to be submitted to the Netflix team and I would have to wait for at least 5 days.

I then asked to speak to a manager but was advised that this wasn’t possible. I also sent an email to the CEO, still waiting for a response.

So as of today, I’m no further forward with getting my issue resolved.

Not only am I paying for a service that I do not have, as a Virgin Media customer for nearly 30, I would expect better customer service and some loyalty as I’ve been very loyal to them.

At this moment in time, I would be hard pressed to recommend Virgin Media to anyone. 




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello mparfitt1
Thankyou for your post.

Sorry to hear about this issues with Netflix missing after your package change.

We can see the complaint you raised is now assigned to our CEO Team who will run a full investigation and get back to you as soon as they can.

Sadly from here package changes are beyond our support scope.

Can you please keep this post updated on how you get on.