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Virgin Media,

I wish to make a formal complaint regarding the construction/laying down of the fibre lines in Treeton, South Yorskhire on the grounds of appaulling customer service and poor communication/empathy of the contractors and yourselves, regretably. I shall explain.

I live in Treeton (Rotherham, South Yorkshire), an area you have recently laid down fibre lines. The village has had some disruption, understandably due to the work.

However, I work a night shift. I have (now) 4 children. At the time the work started I had 3, and a heavily pregnant wife.

The noise was awful. from 8-9am til around 3pm (When I try to sleep) Workmen would be sawing, pneumatic drilling, banging, shouting disturbing me, my wife and my 2 year old who naps in the afternoon.

Not only the noise, the parking disruption has been a huge part in this also. Over time, the roads outside my house have been sectioned off and temperary traffic lights placed to control traffic flow. This has meant on side of the street is off limits to parking as there is a traffic light there.

We live on the corner of a 4 way junction so parking is bad enough, yet with the sides of the roads off limits for parking, I had to park my car 100-200 yards further down the road every morning when I got home. Awful. And also, the green tubes that the workmen lay under the pavement were placed against our outside wall in the street for storage. This was very irritating as everytime they put one on the pile, it would be thrown on the pile and bang the walls. This also cut off the pavement.

THE BIGGEST Problem was in the early morning of the April 27th. My wife went into labour at 5am. We had to walk to the car which was down the next street! We got to the hospital just in time as 20 minutes after arriving my son was born. We just made it... But thats not the worst part. The worst part was when we got home. We COULDN'T get in out house! Luckily we live across the road from my wifes parents who let us park on their driveway behind their house. I took a photograph of the appalling disruption. All the front of my house had been sectioned off for the work. All of it! Another 3-4 houses were blocked off, cars were parked along all side roads near our house, so I couldn't park outside my house of get to my back door for several hours. If we didn't live close to my in-laws I've no idea what we would have done with a NEWBORN BABY.

Bad you think? Not finished yet...

The work continued and more and more noise disruption. Also, I kept getting knocks on the door from the workmen telling me to MOVE MY CAR OFF THE ROAD everyday for a week...

I even asked VM when the work is scheduled to end or an estimation date, but bizarrely a multi billion dollar company who hires contractors to do work for them, doesn't seem to be able to set deadlines...

DURING THIS WHOLE PREDICAMENT I have contacted VM CS on Twitter. The conversations you can search for are between @virginmedia and @DCJWebster dating from April 25th to around May10th.

I have included pictured in this email...


The work in this part of Treeton has finished and all is calm again, but has left me stung. Id like to fix that.
The area has been activated for a wek or two now and my brother in-law told me to look up the "Lightening deals" you have for new areas. He said he has 200VIVID Fibre broadband for 23 for 12 months... I spoke to a customer representative at Morrisons Catcliff who quoted me £23 for Vivid100 BB, V6 box, TV with 150+ channels for 12 months. I told him the situation I had and he was very understanding and said to call the CS team and see if they can help strike an even better deal due to the extreme cirumstances of the distuption caused.
I called them today, who informed me that the deal offered of £23 couldnt be done due to Lightening offers expired...


So to summarise;
*NO/HARDLY ANY sleep for me and children including a newbord after the 27th
*BLOCKED entrance to house on the day my NEWBORN was born
*Limited parking due to work-car being parked down the next street
*RUDE workmen
*Poor VM Staff/customer relationship
*NO notice regarding the work
*Zero accountability for VM and Redhill (contractors)
*Myself angry...

pic1.jpgstart of the work, when they were putting the tubes down the side of the housepic2.jpgview from inlaws house the day my son was born

I wanted to join Virgin for fibre broadband, but Im not so sure, but the way all this has been handled if very poor...

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Re: Complaint

Still waiting for correspondence on this. No phone call, no email, nothing...
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Re: Complaint

To be fair the VM contractors where I live have been installing over the last few months and it wasn't great. They just appeared one day and blocked off most of the peoples drives without warning.

I have no idea what it was but when they were working around my house my car kept getting covered in weird fine green spray paint, no explanation for that either, had to take my car to be washed several times.

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Re: Complaint

Morning dcjwebcster,


Thanks for your post and I’m really sorry to hear about the issues you’ve had, I’m sure it’s not been easy, especially with a new baby in the house.


I’d really like to help you with this.


Please send a private message to me so that I can look into it.

Please PM me with the following details:

• Full name on account
• Full address

To PM me, simply:

• Click on my forum name on the left of this post.
• Go to my profile.
• On the right had side, select the 'send me a message' option.


Hope to speak to you soon


Kind regards



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